Описание изображения

How to prepare for a photoshoot 

Undergoing a photo session is something you have to enjoy and feel comfortable doing. Only then will you be able to let the best of you emerge and be reflected in fantastic images of yourself. All you have to do is relax, come to me willing to have fun and feel free. There´s nothing you will have to worry about, I will take care of every single detail, and will do my best to make you give your best smile. Be happy, enjoy the moment, be free.

1 Bronze Package  1-8x10, 2-5x7, 5-4x6 & 4 wallets
$35.00 CONTACT
2 Silver Package 1-11x14, 2-8x10, 4-5x7, 5-4x6 &
 8 wallets 
$65.00 CONTACT
 3 Gold Package  1-16x20, 2-11x14,
 4-8x10, 5-5x7,
 10-4x6 & 16 wallets
$145.00 CONTACT