Photography and art

For many, photography is a tool and a set of techniques used to achieve a result. However, whether the end result is considered art or not, depends on the effects that it produces in the minds of the observers, and on the fact that those effects persist over time. 

Photographic Vision 


Our vision is the peculiar manner in which each of us perceives the world. Regardless of the type of photography (social, landscaping, commercial, portrait), each photo I take reflects the particular angle from which you see the reality, and the unique way you want to show it to the world. 



Making photographic portraits is much more than focusing on lightening, composition or angle. We have to reflect the emotions or personality of the person we are portraying. The photographer must observe and be aware of the mood of the individual. Otherwise the portrait won´t be more than a graphic representation of a person, not the portrait of the particular person in front of the camera.